Sunday, September 03, 2006

God speaks

Well it's Sunday morning (ok well, it's 12:03 so it's techincally Sunday afternoon). What better time to post a religious thought... A few days ago I posted about why God does not speak plainly anymore like he did in some of the stories I read about in the Old testament. I've since had a series of "coincidents" that deals with God speaking. I was reminded by my mother of a story that happened to my Grandfather which for lack of a better word was "miraculous" where he said God (or an angel) spoke to him directly - I do not doubt this story in the least. I had gotten away from my Bible reading for some time now and things have been coming at me from different directions lately, so last night I picked it up again and started where I left off looking for some help I suppose. Samuel. I got to First Samuel Verse 3 and guess what it talks about... God speaking to Sam. He does it late at night as Sam was getting ready for sleep. Sam didn't recognize this voice and thought it was his roomate Eli. That struck me as odd too that a person wouldn't notice a direct voice from God. I guess it's not like the movies where it is a loud booming voice. I was reminded that as I was reading the Bible that it is often refered to as "the voice of God". So, yet another "coincidence" that I'm beginning to think I too am being talked to and I too don't know who is speaking like Sam. I'm going to continue "listening" and looking for possible communication other than a direct phone call or a message on my answering machine. (Those that know me... DO NOT prank me and leave a message on my phone claiming to be the voice of God :)

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