Monday, September 18, 2006

An island to oneself

I just finished my new book "An Island to Oneself" and enjoyed it a lot. I was almost sad to finish it. It was a great story about living on an island all by yourself and the trials and tribulations this man went through. His name was Tom Nealy. Wow.. I just searched the internet to see if he was still alive (I doubt it, but I've not done the math yet, I think he was in his 60's when it was 1965). Not much out there about this amazing guy. strange. Not even a wikipedia entry. Oh well, I would encourage you to get this book and give it a read. Also, I was in the grocery store this weekend (wegmans) and saw a little bag of little brown things called Coquitos. What the heck are those I wondered. Turns out they are small (3/4 inch or smaller) baby coconuts. You just eat them like a nut (which is what they taste like). I thought it was neat so I bought them and chewed on them while finishing my book about the lifestyle on the island. Now that I'm done the book, I think I'm done with these coconuts too. They are kinda like eating sawdust with a slight coconut taste - AND they are incredibly high in Saturated fat!

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