Friday, September 29, 2006

Crappy night

I just had to vent this...
Last night I had my watercolor class. I have a new teacher who is throwing off my "flow" in what I expect from my watercolor class. He's the second teacher I've ever had, so it's obvious that he's going to teach in a different manner than my first teacher, and it's all on me that I need to adjust to his style. We did some excercises first (layering), then we started a still life. I have been pushing myself to paint darker. I painted very light I think out of a fear of putting down ink. It was a sort of timidness to making a mark. But I'm starting to fight myself with making things too dark now. Perhaps it's just my "style" to paint lightly. Still need to learn that. Anyway, my teacher came around and asked to sit in my seat (so he could view the still life from my point of view). I thought this was cool and gladly gave up my chair. After a few obligatory compliments, he started to point out what I did wrong. As soon as he said it I could have kicked myself. It was a matter of design or composition really, and I should have known this. I was too concerned with trying to "paint" that I didn't take the time to set up my items. Grr. Frustration at myself. Then I didn't want to even finish the painting, so I started a new one, but knew my time was limited as it was towards the end of class. So I left feeling frustrated. (At myself, not at the teacher, I appreciate him pointing out that flaw). I got on the elevator, and was still lost in my world, and like an idiot, I got off on the 1st floor rather than the ground floor. I obviously could not turn around and get back on the elevator and make a fool of myself to the 4 other people on the elevator, so I had to make it look like I had a purpose, and walked to look in one of the other classrooms. Then I had to time it so that I knew they would be out the building, so they knew I wasn't just waiting on the first floor on purpose :) finally, I got down to ground floor, and was approaching the exit, when I saw about 6-7 people standing around the door. I thought there may have been a fight or something like in highschool :) - turns out it was pouring rain, and I forgot my umbrella. Oh well, not a big deal really, because I had nowhere to go but home, and I knew I could just change. So I walked at my normal pace and proceeded to get soaked. The "care-free" attitude quickly started wearing off when I felt the uncomfortable feeling of getting soaked. So I got to my truck, and see a little piece of paper under my windshield wiper blades... yep. I got a parking ticket. I was parked in an "unmarked" spot in a municiple lot. GRRR - $31. (it was actually worth it because I probably would of had to walk several blocks in the pouring rain.) But it annoyed me because people park there all the time.
So, with all that, I still had a good time putting a brush to paper. I guess that's a sign that I like to paint :)

A quick political rant: Last night I watched as another "right" was being stripped away, that would allow the Pres. to do warrantless wiretaps. The senate was voting, though I'm not sure I understand what the vote was for. I think it was up for "reconsideration". Still, frustrating, and the people who were calling into Cspan were expressing some of the same fears and concerns. Of course those on the Rep. Lines could not understand what the big deal was. I'm becoming very frustrated with all this politcal stuff, and am toying with the idea of washing my hands of it all.

I have a few other projects in the wings that I'm working on now: Hydroponics. Robot building (BEAM Bots). An "Art Buggy" project. And of course my photography. I'm enjoying the diverseness of these projects :) I'll post more about them later.


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