Saturday, September 23, 2006

Did he just say that?

I'm sitting here doing my ritual Saturday morning web Surfing, and have the TV on in the background.
I have it on FOX news.... There is (yet another) heated shouting match going on and one of the guests just said that he wants to bomb (Iran or Iraq) because, "they said they hate america and want to kill us." - What!? How did this guy whose name is Mike (sorry for the lack of details, thats what happens when you have the TV on in the background) get on a national news network spouting off this hate? What kind of logic is that - lets kill someone who says they want to kill us? As another person on the panel pointed out that there would be lots of innocent lives lost if they bomb them... his response... "I don't care".
It's now 11:23 Sat morning 9/23/06, and I think the show is called "Forbes on Fox". The clip is called "flipside". I'm going to stay tuned to try and catch his full name... Mike is his first name. RATS... they didn't wrap things up with his name. I'll have to search the web in a day to see if I can find another mention of this. Maybe will have something on this.

I probably should post this in another post, but It doesn't warrant it's own post :)
I've been noticing more and more a trend in the way people talk (on TV and radio mostly). It's mostly coming from these news/interview shows and also politicians. People are starting to preface all their sentences with statements like "Look", "The Truth is", "The fact of the matter is". Most of the time these sentences start after a question has been posed to them, and most of the time, when they start a sentence with these few "keywords" that means they are changing the question posed to them and it allows them to dodge the question.
Just something I'm noticing more and more.

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