Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Burning Man cure and a book

A few days ago while the Burning Man festival was going on, I posted that maybe I might want to go. I had seen a few posts online and it looked like a fun and crazy time. Then I saw some photos where the people were covered in a fine powdery dust, and I started noticing that everyone (well almost) were walking around with ski-goggles, and dust masks. Ugh. I don't even like to go to the beach because I get sand in my shoes! Then yesterday I found this post. It's a bit graphic in it's descriptions, and the language is not "work safe" but it sounds like an "honest" viewpoint. I think this post has cured me of any desire to spend SO much money (Silly me thought it was free!).
Of course there will be people who have a great time and people who have a not so great time. But as the writer points out, you never hear about those people who have a bad time. What scares me even more is how the writer is "attacked" in the comments area. It doesn't sound very "hippy-ish" to me with all the peace and love stuff. I think I'd rather go spend the time in the woods by myself. Which reminds me... (I probably should post this as another post, but...)
I just got a new book and started it Sunday night. I'm back to my bad habit of having about 4 books that I've started and am in the middle of. It's kinda like channel surfing on the TV. But this new book is a fairly easy read and I'm progressing quickly so I think I'll stick with it. It's called, "An Island to oneself". It's about this guy, Tom Neale, who decides (not on a whim, he gave it a lot of thought) to pack up everything he had (which wasn't much), and go live on a small tropical island by himself. And he was about 50 when he decided to do this. It's been a very interesting story so far, and it's a great escapism book.

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