Sunday, July 16, 2006

blicka blabba

blicka blabba blibba...
I'm sitting here now trying to listen to the Cspan interview with Peter Beinart (that I just posted about on friday) and those three words are what I am hearing. I apologize to my readers if you also are struggling with this interview.
These guys are WAY outta my league, AND what makes this interview very difficult is the speed at which these guys talk!
Actually, this brings up one of the points that I dislike about these interviews on cspan booktv... They choose a person with an opposing point of view, which on the surface sounds like it would make for an intersting interview, but I find the bickering and arguing distracting. Martin Sieff was the interviewer and I think he thought he was on the "Martin Sieff Show". His questions would ramble on and on (if they were even a question) - yet I give Peter credit because he was able to keep up and respond to Mr. Sieff's questions and comments. I could not.
Oh well. I'm back over onto Cspan 1 and am watching an interview with Gov. Mike Huckabee who is apparently going to make a run for the presidential race in 2008. I see if I can keep up better with this conversation. Something about Sundays that makes me think politics.

oh.. and as I'm typing this my diner is cooking in my new rice maker! I bought some new California Brown Rice and am steaming two cobs of corn at the same time! It smells great!

Enjoy what is remaining of your weekend. I made a venture out for some last minute grocery items and it is HOT out there. 92 plus humidity last time I checked. We're scheduled for about three days of this heat, so I'll probably be cooped up in the AC for these days. Maybe I'll head out tonight for a walk and embrace the heat... or maybe I'll just watch a dvd ;)


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