Thursday, July 20, 2006


I've been trying to keep my head in the sand when it comes to this Israel Lebanon conflict. It involves many aspects that I'm uneducated in (politics and geography to name he two biggies). But, I owe it to myself to try to learn more about what is going on in "my world". If you are like me and don't understand what is happening take this first step with me... Start with a (what I hope) is a neutral description of what is happening... I'm starting on Wikipedia. This page has a description of the conflict and a few maps. What I would like to see, is this map superimposed on the US to get a reference... I've heard that Israel is a small country about the size of New Jersey.
As I learn more about this, I'll post anything interesting that I find, yet at the same time I want to hold any judgments and opinions until I do learn more.
I will say this... In these trouble times, I wish the citizens of all the nations at war today (USA included) safety. There's no way to say this without sounding like a "hippy" (which I suppose in many ways I am) but I'm thinking of one word... Peace.
(I also welcome any comments if you can point me to any good links on the web that would help explain this conflict - preferably "politically neutral" news sources if there is such a thing)

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JWD said...

I'm glad you're looking into this, Bro. The CIA Fact Book site confirms that Israel is about the size of New Jersey. See here: Israel Fact Book