Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Consumerist

I've found a new website...
I found this site from looking into my previous posts regarding the AOL customer service call where the person taped his phone call to cancel his account. I don't know if I like the consumerist's style (curse words, and a general sort of "in-your-face" attitude) but I also think there may be useful infromation on this site since we're all consumers.
While reading it this morning, I found another example of a guy who recorded his call to customer service - this time to "T-Mobile". It's a bit long (12 minutes) but again it's kind of interesting thatRudy was not very helpful at first but then relents to giving the guy a sort of credit. My only advice in this case would have been to take it up with his credit card company. It's obvious David did not recieve the services he paid for, and the credit card company should have reimbursed his money. Then the dispute is in the hands of the credit card company and T-Mobile. David also warned his caller that he was being taped at which point Rudy says he's not supposed to take the call. Interesting.
Anyway here's the link to the story and recording.
Disclaimer: Recording phone calls in some states is illegal. Check your local laws.
I apologize if it seems like I'm harping on this, but I think this stuff is important. I'll try to push myself away from this topic for the next several blog posts anyway ;)


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