Saturday, July 08, 2006

With age comes politics?

You know it's funny. A few years ago (5?) I could have cared less about politics. Don't get me wrong, I followed it with half an eye open, but I had made up my opinions about politics based upon books that I'd read. Bottomline was that I didn't understand a lot about politics, mix that with general distrust of politicians, and then mix that with seeing some of the worst atrocities commited on the human race in the name of politics. I basically wanted nothing to do with it. But as I've gotten older, I'm finding myself being drawn in. I'm feeling the "need" to speak out (on my blog which has a readership of about 4). Perhaps I'm too late to make any sort of difference in the world, but I hope that by starting to learn about politics now, maybe someday I'll be able to feel good about doing something positive. I have a lot to learn I admit.
Anyway, the reason I've brought this up, is that I've noticed (through the technorati tags) that my number one tag lately is "politics". That came as a shock. So I've been wondering "why" and wondering if I should continue my political points on this blog or look to other topics. Well, I figure I'm going to not choose and let my "dancing bear" trait influence where my blogging interests lie. So... another blog post about politics :) - maybe it's just a phase.
I just found out about a movie called "Borat" that looks very funny. And my friend who told me about it said he saw it on the trailer list. In my previous internet life I was an online "film-critic". Basically a nut with a webpage. But I was much more in tune with what was coming up in the movie theatres. I still am to some point, but I realized I'm not as much as I used to. So just now, I went over to the apple trailers to see whats coming. Guess what... perhaps it is a sign of the times, but there are quite a few policital movies on the horizon. I find that very interesting. Could the times be changing? Is Art (yes, I still believe a movie is art), starting to make a statement again? Cool.
So, be sure to check out "Borat" and this one which I just found out about staring one of my "comedy central" buddies Rob Corrdry called "blackballed" (looks very funny). And then look at the list of new releases (here) and check out some of the political ones. This one especially caught my eye: America: Freedom to Fascism - the premise of this film was something I was seriously looking into (the "LAW" that says you have to pay income tax) but after reading up on it, I determined it wasn't worth the fight for me. But the film goes on to highlight what are many of the reasons I did not get involved in politics before. Also of note is the John Lennon film: The U.S. Vs. John Lennon. Oh, and the Barnyard animal one looks very funny too. (there something not political ;)

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