Sunday, July 16, 2006

Great digital artist

I just found this website that features the art of an amazing digital artist. What also struck me about his website - is that he was kind enough to post 3 "how-to" videos for anyone to download. (Thanks Carlos!) Warning: They are HUGE files to download - but it's amazing to watch how he works. If you don't know anything about Photoshop then I would recomend you skip the download and just look at his gallery page.

On another note: I just got back a bit ago from seeing the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The effects were awesome, but the movie was about a half hour too long for me. Some of the action scenes could have been trimmed down to make room for a shorter film and smooth flowing story. Not to mention I was VERY confused as to who was doing what and what the motives of the different characters were.

ok, it's 2:28am now so I think I'll go to bed now. I swear I'm on the west coast time zone - which is a problem since I live on the east coast.



JWD said...

Well then come on West, then!

Hey, were there any zombies or ghosts in the new Pirates movie? We want to know if it's safe to take E.

cyen said...

Westward bound!! :)

Yes, there were zombies throughout the film. Undead pirates who lived on a ghost ship. They were "encrusted" with all sorts of sea life which made them even more gross. He might not like that.