Thursday, July 20, 2006

Privacy Rules!

Just found this clip on
EFF's Spying Case Moves Forward - Judge Denies Government's Motion to Dismiss AT&T Case
San Francisco - A federal judge today denied the government's motion to dismiss the Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF's) case against AT&T for collaborating with the NSA in illegal spying of millions of ordinary Americans. This allows the case to go forward in the courts.

continues here:
This is great news!

On a sidenote: On the way home from work, I pass a house every day, and in the past the owner has put out politically charged signs... today I drove past, and a new big sign was out front... "Wage Peace" - I hope it's still there tomorrow when I drive past, I'd like to get a photo of it. I also think it might be cool to leave a note in their mailbox that thanks them for post these signs. It takes guts to do something like this - I would fear some sort of retaliation, wether it be vandalism, or the township levying a fine, or something. Kudos.

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