Friday, July 21, 2006

war learning

ok, I've made a small dent in trying to learn about what is happening in Israel. A few things so far...
1. Israel is a little smaller than the state of NJ (source: JWD via CIA world factbook)
2. Wikipedia is not neccesarily politically neutral. Upon looking up the info I was greated by this LARGE insulting banner. Update... I just went back to the page to take a screen shot and the offending banner has been removed. (GOOD). Here's the page I was looking at - minus the banner. I suppose since anyone can edit the information on the wikipedia pages, there may still be charged political comments or "facts".
3. I heard one man on c-span question if the two men who were captured by Hezbollah were in Lebanon territory or Israeli territory. I have not heard an answer to this anywhere (yet). Wikipedia also claims that three other soldiers were killed by the attack - I had not heard this reported anywhere else.
4. The media keeps repeating that this war was started because of two men who were captured. I find it hard to believe that a country would go to war over two people. I'm SURE there were additional reasons though the media makes it sound like it was ALL because of these two men.
5. Fox News' Bill O'reilly is in favor of bombing Hezbolah. A cease fire helps the terrorists - July 20th's "Talking points".
6. Hezbollah also launched a barrage of missiles into Israel just prior to kidnapping the two soldiers. (source: Wikipedia). OK, now THAT sounds like an act of war to me and something that would garner a response.

That's about all I have so far.
I'm still wishing for peace everywhere though.

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