Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sticker Nation

A post I found over on boingboing today that caught my eye...
A new book has been put out by Srini Kumar called "Sticker Nation". Apparently it's a book full of stickers with some of his "famous" sayings on them. I had never heard of him (or the stickers) before, but it looks pretty cool. The book is available on Amazon.com for only $9.72 and as the author himself points out, you get 432 stickers for this price! A great deal! Only problem is... they are paper stickers (not good for putting on your car outside), and if you peel them out of the book, you sort of ruin the book. One reader suggests buying two copies.
I think I'll check it out.
This actually brings me to a good point... are there any bumper sticker sheets that you can purchase for using with an inkjet printer? Seems like that would be a million dollar idea to have vinyl backed sheets for making your own custom bumper stickers. I'm sure there is.
But... if you want a decent price, The same gentleman Srini has recieved such fame and fortune that he created his own online bumper sticker website, with reasonable rates (125 stickers for $25)... check it out... http://www.stickernation.com/

Switching gears:
On a customer service note---
I had to call Verizon.net today because my yearly plan expired a month or two ago and they automatically started billing me at the "month-to-month" plan which is $8 more than what I pay now ($29.95). Big jump! So I called today to get it straightend out... I got the NICEST customer service person! She was happy, pleasant, made small talk, and was genuinely concerned with helping me. It was SO NICE. I made sure to ask her if there was someone I could tell to compliment her service and she also seemed genuinely thankful that I would do this. She gave me a telephone number where I could leave a voicemail message (I hope they got it). As per my previous post of taping customer service... I had to make this call while at the office so I did not. I wish I did now, just so everyone can hear that there is at least ONE nice customer service rep in the world :) Thank you Cheryl S. of Verizon. May the blogger train of good Karma visit you often.

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JWD said...

Hooray! A good customer service experience. Maybe that's some of your own karma comming back at you!

You know, on the recording calls thing. My understanding is that it is illegal to record people without their knowledge. That's why you hear the automatic disclaimer at the beginning of a call that says, "This call may be recorded or monitored for quality control." I would advise that you do go to the same effort to state that (with the recording going so you have proof that you've done it). Otherwise, anything you gather on the recording would be illegal and/or not permissible as evidence in any way.

Been meaning to mention this for some time.

So with a digital recorder, does that mean you can start doing podcasts???

cyen said...

Yes... thanks for keeping things legal. I supposed I should make the disclaimer everytime I post this thought of mine. I did find this link:
That surprisingly says it is LEGAL in 38 states as long as one party knows they are being taped. I guess there are all sorts of loopholes regarding this. My intent with this is really to post a negative experience with a customer service rep, where really you wouldn't even have to release the name of the person on the other line. But rather it would hold the Company responsible for their poor tech support.
I'm curious too how the law would apply because most (all?) tech support calls start with the warning that the call is being taped - so in a way, they already know the conversation is being recorded... just not by you.
Disclaimer: I'm not encouraging anyone to break the law. Check with your local laws before considering this.
Finally... yes! I had the idea of possible podcasts in mind when I bought this digital recorder :)