Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mmmm... Ice Cream

Well, I was going to try and stay away from politic posts for a bit, but I can't resist this one. I tuned in late, and unfortunately missed the beginning of this interview, but Ben Cohen was just on C-span's "The Washington Journal" (for about 30 minutes). It's too soon now as I post this, but Cspan usually posts their shows online the following day, so tomorrow, be sure to check this out. He's one of these guys who just looks like a nice person. From his manners, the way he talks, etc, it feels like you've known him for years. Apparently he's on a bit of a press tour now promoting something called "Ben & Jerry's - American Pie". He did a really neat (though scary) demonstration on the amount of nuclear weapons we have with BB's. (I thought it ironic he was using a BB which is a munition iteslf). This clip is also viewed on Ben and Jerry's website here.
I'm going to check out the website too, because it looks like some good information. You should too.
I'm also enjoying my "50 simple things" book. I've started an email discussion with a friend of mine who leans right, so I hope to learn something from this.

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JWD said...

I don't think you should try and keep yourself from posting about politics. Post where your heart is!