Thursday, July 06, 2006

political Thursday

I just got a shipment from Amazon yesterday (always a good thing!) and I got a couple new books that I've had on my wish list. (and a new digital tape recorder that I've been wanting for some time now. I hope to maybe to a podcast someday, and of course my new idea to tape all my calls to customer service). Anyway, one of the books I got is called "50 simple things you can do to fight the right". I saw the author interviewed on the "yearlyKOS" event on Cspan, and liked what he had to say. It looks like an interesting book. I don't know if I'll agree with all of it, but I'm certainly willing to listen to what he has to say and to maybe try one of those 50 ideas. So far I am a bit leary, because some of the language is a bit extreme, and I don't know if I agree with that. Words like: Fight, take, radical right, defend america, etc... I think it's just a matter of the author(s) being passionate, but I am leary of passionate arguments because sometimes their logic is askew.
Then today while checking my boingboing daily blog, I saw this post about James (Jimbo) Wales. He is the founder of wikipedia. He wants to bring the wiki-idea to politics - which I think is a great idea, and where the future is headed - a LONG time in the future, but still. The only thing I fear is that due to some extreme politics, people may deface, or post bad information on the opposing side's wiki. (a wiki for those of you who don't know, allows anyone and everyone to add to or delete information on the website. The idea is that if done correctly, and with many eyes looking at the topic, that the webpage will be current, and correct.)
It's a great idea and apparently that's all it is really at this point is an idea. Mr. Wales is encouraging people to get involved, and as one example on how to get involved is to tell others... which is exactly what I'm doing now with my blog. So check it out here at:
There, I did my job, now you do yours.

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