Sunday, July 23, 2006

Double header tonight

Ok, It's late (1:15 am as I write this) so forgive me for any typos or wandering thoughts...
First off... This word came up on my google "word of the day" and it's a funny word with a funny meaning.
nescience: lack of knowledge or awareness.
I'll have to find the right time and place to use this word.

Double header! My friend and I every once in a while will decide to see two movies in one night. Occasionally there are several movies released at once that we are both interested in seeing and due to the timing we might miss one in the theatre so... Double header.

Tonight we saw: Scanner Darkly -
I really liked this movie. It was a drug movie, which a lot of times I don't like, but this one was different. First off the style of animation (yes it was animated) was original and done in the style of "waking life" - same director Richard Linklater (slacker - good movie, dazed and confused - good movie, School of Rock - good movie, The Newton Boys - good movie). I guess that makes me a fan of his movies. Well add this one to the list. It blew my mind at the end of the movie, because somehow this was based in reality. I didn't quite make the connection, but apparently Philip K. Dick (author who wrote Blade Runner) was making some sort of a statement. I may have to try and find the book now to understand it better. I will say that maybe this movie isn't for everyone. You have to have a bit of an open mind, be able to put up with Keanu Reeves, and keep up with some whacky drug induced philosophical rants. But all in all I liked it. OH.. and Robert Downey Jr. was great in it too.

Second movie was - Lady in the Water
M. Night Shyamalan (pronounced SHAH-ma-lawn) has done it again. I have enjoyed all of his films. Yes, some are better than others, but I've learned that the key to enjoying his movies are to just sit back and listen to the story being told. He's a storyteller who just happens to work in film. His stories are always based in a fantasy world and often times are very unbelievable. Yet, this is what I like about them. Well Lady in the Water was another non-believable film but due to the talent of his film-making for about 1.5 hours I become a believer. Paul Giamatti carried this entire film and he was great. I've always been a fan of Giamatti. One thing that I like about this movie was that there were a lot of comical parts in the movie. The characters were "quirky" to say the least, and the effects were nicely done - not over the top (though for some reason I've NEVER seen a realistic CGI bird, they can never get the physics right for the flapping of the wings). Just to give you background on the movie, this was a story the M. Night made up himself and told his children as a bedtime story. One of the things that struck me about this film was that M. Night chose to do a lot of shots where we the viewer only got to see one character during a conversation. I'm sure there was a reason for this... M. Night is known for thinking his shots out, and I know this wasn't just a random occurrence. I'd be interested to know why. Well, if you are willing to take a chance, DON'T expect a "typical" M. Night movie, and just would like to hear a good bedtime story, then check this movie out.

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Reel Fanatic said...

I'm still sceptical (sp?) about M Night's latest, but I think I'll give it a try next week .. unfortunately, we're not enlightened enough in my little corner of the world to get A Scanner Darkly, so I guess I'll just have to wait for DVD