Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson

It's been difficult for me to find my "groove" so far from returning from my vacation. I still feel like I'm walking around with a fog. I don't really want to start posting when I'm not thinking clearly, but maybe I need to start posting to clear my head. So with that said...

I saw this headline on my google news page and was a bit surprised and shocked at this story. I've always been a fan of Gibson's work, but now I don't know if I'll be able to view him the same way anymore. In a nutshell... he got really drunk, climbed in a car, was caught by the police, then while being processed went on a rant that reflects some really nasty anti-semitic comments. Mel has released an official apology, but this is not something that will be swept under the carpet easily with a simple apology.
small news clip here:

Not that I'm trying to push the attention away from what his comments were, but I do find it interesting that no one is in much of an outcry over his decision to drive drunk (really drunk too .12), but rather everyone is more upset over what he said while drunk. The guy must have serious problems. I guess even money can't save you from having problems.

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JWD said...

While today's outcry has been especially focused on Gibson's anti-semitic rant, there were previous news articles that did focus primarily on the DUI. (Apparently not his first arrest for this!)

My impression was that the follow-up article was also as much about the alledged "cover up" of the details of Gibson's arrest (regarding his tirade) as it was about the tirade itself. Seeming to raise concerns about whether someone from Hollywood was receiving preferential treatment. (Wha???)

I also had the sense that the DUI articles were appealing to people's compassion for a man with a substance abuse addiction-but that no such appeals were being made when Gibson's "true colors" were revealed. Given his portrayal of Jews in his film The Passion of Christ, Gibson's anti-semitism is certainly news worthy!

I'm glad this is getting publicity. Thanks for writing about it. (And glad you're back to the blogosphere, though I miss you in the real-life-osphere out here in sunny CA.) ;)