Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back update and hole...

Quick update on my back... feeling better. I feel like my walking speed is up to about 86% now :) And if I sit or lie down, there is basically no pain. But It's still there for sure when I stand or walk. I had to go grocery shopping last night and that was a struggle. I started off pretty good, but as my canvas bag was filling up, it was throwing my weight off to the side and hurt. By the time I left the store I couldn't wait to get to my truck so I could sit down. :)
I had to laugh too, while at the deli counter, I set the bag down. The guy finished slicing the cheese and reached over the counter to hand it to me, I lifted my arm to grab it and felt a tinge of pain upon doing this. I think I winced a little, so not sure what the guy behind the counter thought I was doing :)

Quick update on the hole in my ceiling... it's fixed. The guy showed up today at 9:02. I called his office yesterday wondering what was going on. I don't know if he got in trouble or not, but he was there pretty much on time. I couldn't believe it though, after about 5 minutes he got a call on his cell phone and asked if I minded if he leave. ugh. Luckily he was only gone about 15 minutes so it all worked out. I was a little disappointed with the quality of work too. He just slapped up some half-inch x 2.5" trim. probably the cheapest kinda trim you can buy, with knots and all. Then he didn't even bevel the edges to a 45, just cut em to length and screwed them into the sheetrock (with nothing backing it). Oh well. I just HOPE my apartment complex doesn't give me a hard time about this when I move out.
The good news, is that now I can set my own squirrel traps!! When those little buggers come back when the cold weather hits, I won't have to depend on maintenance to set the traps anymore. Which is a HUGE relief. I guess the downside is now I have to go buy a ladder and a trap. Oh well.

I wanted to post a comment I found on someone's blog but have since lost the link. It was about youtube and copyright. If you read the user agreement to posting content on youtube, you basically are agreeing to not post anything that has been copyrighted in anyway. Yet as the blogger pointed out... 99.9% of all the popular videos on youtube are copyrighted material. It's a great example of "we will fix it only if you find it" attitude. I wish I could find that article, because I'm not doing it justice here, but you get the point - i hope :)

Well, Enjoy your Tuesday!

PS> I HOPE my back is better by Friday! I'm going to go see the new Renoir Landscape Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art! I'm really looking forward to it. At the same time I'm kinda dreading all the standing I'll have to do to look at the paintings. I'll have to make sure to take my advil :)


valejandras said...

glad to hear that your hole was fixed... be sure to stretch your back while you are in the warm shower... that tends to help a hurt back.

hope you get to feeling better.


JWD said...

Dude, it's time for you to buy your own house so you can do things the way you want them done. Living in an apartment will always put you at the mercy of others' shoddy work, probably done at minimum wage.