Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallow's Eve!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Halloween today! One of my favorite "holidays". I guess I'm too old to celebrate this one, but I love surfin the web and seeing all the creative costumes out there. I just found this one over on an Etsy contest - some really great ones there.
So Be safe and have a good time!

At this time of year I always have a bit of melancholy feeling for a "hobby" that I've since given up... Ghost chasing. Yep, I was part of one of those groups that would go into a "supposed" haunted place and look for signs of the paranormal. In 99.9% of the times that I went out to these places there were only 2 times that I can say that I was actually afraid. The first one was a sort of "unofficial" investigation with just my friend and I. We went to a local cemetery to see what we could see. We had been to this location several times in the past and always seemed to have something interesting happen (I got one of my best "ghost photos" there). But this particular night, we wandered into a new section of the cemetery, and I had an uncomfortable feeling. My stomach was physically upset (maybe something I ate for dinner?). But here's the weird part... I was standing at a sort of "crossroads" of 2 paths, when I thought I heard whispers. It sounded like 2 people were fighting off in the distance. My friend who was with me looked at me too and said "did you hear that?" "yea" I said. So I suggested, I think we should leave this area... he agreed. Later he told me he had heard the sound of a baby crying. (I did not hear that though). Never went back to that section again.
The other time I got "spooked" was really nothing but a trick of my mind... I was on an "investigation" of a historic building. It was an old canoe club that went back to the 1800's. At one point I wandered off down into the basement with a teammate. I was in charge of videotaping. Well, I wasn't really paying attention to my teammate, and they had wandered back upstairs. I was too interested in looking at all the boating equipment and junk that was down in the basement via my infrared camera. Then I realized I was alone (not supposed to be alone on these investigations). I pulled my camera down and suddenly realized how pitch black it was! I then sorta high-tailed it outta there :)
Do I believe in ghosts? I still ask myself that question from time to time. I've NEVER seen anything paranormal with my own eyes. BUT... I've heard "whispers" in areas where I should not have. I've seen "evidence" on film. I've heard strange "knocks". I have one AWESOME video tape of what I am 99% convinced is a spirit saying "hi" that still gives me chills when I hear it. So I guess I'm pretty positive that there is something paranormal out there.

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