Sunday, October 21, 2007

Google and youtube

So it's a lazt Sunday for me today. I really look forward to not doing a thing on Sundays. I may clean a little hear and there in my apartment, but overall I enjoy having a day where I can do what I want, or whatever I don't want to do.
So, I just finished watching a semi-bad movie called "next" with Nicholas Cage (imdb). I think this could have been a much better movie, but it was really hoaky to me. I won't even go into explaining it or critiquing it, just not worth it :)

But now...
I checked an old link I had bookmarked some time ago, and I just finished watching this hour long youtube video. Say what you want about the overall debate, but this guy is well spoken (meaning he knows his material), and says a lot of things that challenge one's faith and belief. It's a civil question and answer period as well, which is refreshing. I just have one thing to say about this... Faith (to me) is about not trusting in science and fact and logic. This is the essence of faith, and this is the inherent piece that most atheists can't get on an intellectual level. The Author's name is Christopher Hitchens (wikipedia). His new book is called God is not great with a subtitle of: religion poisons everything. With a title like that, you can tell he's not pulling any punches :)

This is a LONG movie at just under and hour, but I'd recommend you set aside an hour sometime and watch this.

Then I found this video too... much shorter and about politics and corporate America. Tru -dat!

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