Monday, October 29, 2007

Movie: Dan in real life

I forgot to post about this movie over the weekend!
I'm going to give this one a reluctant "green light". I think the reason for this is mainly due to Steve Carell. Steve's a good actor... Well, he still (like many other great actors) is a bit one dimensional but still he manages to always pull it off. My biggest complaint about this movie is that it was SO SAPPY! It's basically a chick-flick - thus explains the sappiness i guess. But overall it's still a good story which is what I like. There were some pretty good one-liners in there too. The dynamic between "Dan" and his daughters was pretty funny. I've also gotta say that Dane Cook impressed me both in his acting and his singing voice!
An example of the sappiness? Well, the setup is that this large family gathers at the parents house in the resort town of Nantucket (I think that's where it was supposed to be). Well, the brothers and sisters are all 30-40 something, some have kids, etc... well it was kinda like watching a norman rockwell painting come to life. Family games, family talent show, family bowling, family football game, etc... Just a little over the top for me.


JWD said...

Oh, but that describes our family gatherings so perfectly! :D

cyen said...

I hope that was "sarcasm" in there :)
I couldn't help but to think of a story a friend of mine told me once... He (along with his wife and I think at the time 1 or 2 kids) went to a pool party/bar-b-q over to his wife's cousin's house. During the course of the evening there was certain amounts of drinking going on. Somehow, (I didn't ask the details) my friend ends up naked and skinny dipping in the pool. Mind you, this is a family event. Next thing he knows, he hears a bunch of yelling and arguing. One of the cousins has gotten into a fight with his wife, and words are being exchanged. Well, it turns into a pushing shoving match. Then the cousin, gets pushed. The (I know this is confusing) cousin's husband sees my friends wife push his wife and gets upset. He starts to get involved, again with pushin and shoving... Well, my friend sees this guy push his wife. He flips... He jumps out of the pool in his full birthday suit and starts running into the fray. He was about 6 foot 7, and had to go at least 280 pounds. Needless to say, when a 6'7" 280lb, soaking wet, naked man is running at you, that tends to break up the fight pretty quick. I had to laugh at the comparison of this "real life" story, to the "fairytale" setting being played out on the big screen.