Wednesday, October 17, 2007


A rather mundane post today :)
The other day, I was in the supermarket and I need to buy some new toothpaste. I've been using "Crest Whitening" for some time now and am happy with it. I don't think the whitening does a bit of good, but who knows, maybe my teeth would be much darker had I not been using it? I do drink a lot of tea. Anyway... I went to reach for the same flavor I usually get, when I saw a new flavor... Mint with Vanilla. Sounds kinda gross don't it? But I like vanilla, so I thought "what the heck, I'll give it a try." This stuff is awesome! Is it gross? you bet! :) But I find myself looking forward now to brushing my teeth, and find myself brushing just a little bit longer than I used to. It's very sweet, it's almost like brushing your teeth with cake icing! (That's the gross part). But c'mon! Who wouldn't want to brush their teeth with cake icing! :)
I tried to find a better photo of the product, but this small one was best I could find. (C'mon Crest, get some better product photos on your website! :)
NOTE: I'm not an employee of Crest. I've just always used their brand since I was a little kid, and never really had any cavities, so I figure, why change.


JWD said...

Oh, yeah! We just went through a bottle of Vanilla-Mint mouthwash in no time flat here.

cyen said...

Oooo, I didn't know they had mouthwash too! I'll have to look for that :) Thanks for the tip :)