Thursday, October 04, 2007

People Rant...

Ok, I've been pretty busy lately so no time to post. I'm gonna try to squeeze this one in real quick, because my rants are starting to build up!
The other day, my google quote of the day was pretty apt...
Society is like saltwater, it's fun to swim in, but difficult to swallow.
Another saying I like...
People! You can't live with them, and you can't cut em up into little pieces and put them in your trunk.

So first one...
The other day, I stopped up at the wawa convenience store to get some lunch. It was only a roll and a small container of chicken salad. As I was counting my money, the woman put the items in a bag. I paid her, then said , "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't need a bag" and proceeded to take my two items out and leave the bag open on the counter. The woman took the bag, crumpled it and threw it in the trashcan! I wasn't gonna say anything, but I just couldn't believe it. So I did...
I said, "You know, the whole reason I said I didn't need a bag, was to help the environment so I didn't have to through it out. You don't just give them to the next customer?"
She just kinda smiled and said "well, once I pull it off the rack, the bags are hard to open so I just throw them out".
I just shook my head and walked away.

I had a CFL (compact fluorescent Light) bulb go on me the other day at the office. I know that each of these bulbs contains a small amount of mercury (which is hazardous) in them. And when they go on ya, you have to dispose of them properly.
I've been jumping through hoops trying to figure out what to do with this thing.
I found one website that tells me I have to take it to my county recycle center (which is about 40 minutes away). So I'm trying to find someplace closer. First I called the recycle center... the woman who answered the phone told me to simply throw them out. Um, but they have Mercury in them... OH! Then you'll have to bring those up to the hazardous waste drop-off. Ok, I said, what about my local recycle center? She didn't know but gave me their phone number.
I called yesterday, spoke to a guy, he said "Oh, you can just throw those out" - but they have Mercury in them! - OH! Then I'll have to ask my supervisor call back tomorrow.
I call back today... Spoke with a different guy (not sure if he was the supervisor)... "Oh, you can just throw those out" - again... "but they have mercury in them" - Oh, I'll have to call the county then to find out. I'll call you back tomorrow.
Ugh! You try so hard to do the right thing for the environment, and this is what you get!
ME - having to remind my county authorities that these light bulbs are hazardous - thats scary.

Last one...
I get home from art class last night (which was great by the way) and found a letter on my doorknob. Turns out my apartment complex is getting Verizon Fios (Which I'm happy about cause then I can dump Comcast!). So the letter proceeds to tell me I have to let someone in to get access to run the wires! Ugh, nice warning!? I have a private lock, (last time I trusted maintenance by themselves in my apartment, I had stuff stolen). So I wait around this morning, and turns out, they don't need access to my apartment because my neighbor has the access panel in his closet to get into the attic! Great I said! A minute later, I hear them knocking on his door and his dog is barking like crazy! He's got a big dog that sounds plain nasty! HA I said, this should be good. I wonder what they'll do now? Well, a minute or so goes by, I can here them all saying "I'm NOT going in there with that dog in there!" - sure enough, I get another knock on my door. They want to cut a NEW access hole into my closet ceiling to get up into the attic. I was actually thrilled to hear this. That means that when I have Squirrel problems, I can set my own traps now and NOT have to put up with maintenance! So, the guy comes in, cuts a big hole, and a small Mexican guy jumps up into the attic. I said, "your gonna put some sort of door in right?" The supervisor says, we'll just put up some trim, and slip the sheet rock on top of that. Ok fine. About 11:30, the Mexican guy comes down and leaves. I figure he's going to get the trim, cause he left his ladder there. So I wait... and wait... and wait. Finally about 1PM, I say, "this is crazy". So I lock my door and leave. I saw the security girl, and said "I have to go, tell him to come by tomorrow morning to fix the big hole please" She said "ok."
So, now I'm curious if they will in fact stop by tomorrow, or not. If nothing else, I still have their ladder, so they should come back for that! :)

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