Sunday, October 28, 2007


I've been pretty disgusted with politics lately. I've been trying to kinda wash my hands of it all. I'm tired of all the rampant roughshod trampling of both laws, rights, and even truth, that the current administration is getting away with. And what frustrates me even more if that the people who are put in place to supposedly keep these guys in check are pretty much letting them do whatever they want (I'm speaking to you Democrats).
I'm baffled that "news agencies" are not seen for what they are... twisted propaganda machines.
Well, I read today's blog post via my bloglines subscription to "news hounds" and it's further "evidence" to me that I just want to wash my hands of it all. At the same time I'm scared that if we all just wash our hands, then the current administration will continue to just do what they want.
So first... this bit of disturbing news and video of some guys LAUGHING about dropping a bomb on Iran. Why is this such a big joke to these guys? (Including the prez, if you saw that video - in my best "lewis black" imitation... "Son of a Bi***" I was trying to find the video of this and instead stumbled upon Hilary Clinton laughing about the war with Iran.). Scroll down to the bottom video to see what I'm referring to.
[edit] I was gonna say "some guys" but that's not good enough... The man's name who is LAUGHING about bombing a country and taking our country into a third "war" is named FRED BARNES. Who is Fred? He is the executive editor of The Weekly Standard. Former senior editor for the New Republic. (I don't even want to link to these websites, but I will).
Here is his wikipedia entry, though it doesn't look like much is there. Here is his glowing bio on Fox News.
On the plus side...
I just heard a rumor that Kucinich is going to try to re-introduce the big "i" word again supposedly before thanksgiving.

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