Thursday, October 18, 2007

Philly maps

I didn't hear any hoopla over this so maybe it's not widely known yet, but Google Maps just added several more cities to it's mind blowing feature called "street view". One of the cities added was "my" city of Philadelphia! (I don't live there but I'm close to it.) And find myself over there at least once a week when my art classes are going on. In fact if you want to see where I go to my art classes you can just hit this link here, then click on the "street view" button at the top. There will be a "little yellow man" icon somewhere on the map, just drag that man to the arrow and you should see the school. It's the second Open door to the right of the big "f" flag. If you scroll/walk east a few doors, you'll see the big stained glass window thats attached to the church that used to be there. It's an amazing building.
It boggles my mind as to the amount of memory and data they must have gathered to do this. Basically a panoramic view was stored about every car length. I'd love to see a documentary about how they did this.
Another reason why this is useful...
My friend just went to a restaurant last night for dinner in Philly. She couldn't remember the name of it. But she said it was on 4th and bainbridge. So I just opened up the google maps street view, went to that corner and looked around. Sure enough there is the "famous 4th street deli" :) Cool huh.


JWD said...

Aw, man! But they don't have Mt Airy up yet! I wanted to look at my old seminary. :(

cyen said...

Yea, that stinks! It's almost like they left that whole portion out on purpose :(