Sunday, October 07, 2007

Last one standing...

I don't really understand this about myself...
I'm basically a pacifist at heart, yet I can really appreciate a good violent battle between men (or even women). For example, A good boxing match. I kinda got a little bit into the "ultimate fighter" show for a little while, but then I kinda lost interest in that - started to feel too much like professional wrestling.
So when I saw the promo's for this new TV show on (of all places) the Discovery channel called "Last one standing" I was curious. I think it's on Thursday nights, but I saw it tonight on Sunday. I really liked it! It was a little hoakey and the editing annoyed me (commercial break every ten seconds), but the show and premise I liked.
In a nutshell, they picked about 6 guys (some had accents, so I don't think they were all from America). These guys are athletes (though one is a BMX bike rider, not sure how he got in this group). But the "twist" is that these guys "from the west" go into these tribal scenarios to compete on tribal terms. Tonights episode, they went into the Brazilian Jungle to visit the Kalapalo tribe and learned how to wrestle. It was very interesting to see how these guys were accepted (or not accepted as some were not even allowed to fight) in the tribe.
I also liked the idea that I could learn something while watching this show. To see how another culture lives on this little blue planet.
Next week's show looks really great... they are going to learn "Zulu Stick Fighting"! Looks scary and cool! I have to laugh at this too, because I know my sister would Kick Butt in Zulu Stick Fighting! :) (when we were kids, we would have "fake" sword fights using sticks, and it never seemed to fail she'd somehow always manage to crack my knuckles each time. hee hee.

Check it out if you get the chance. Here's the official website on the Discovery Channel's website. (fyi, the discovery channel has a really difficult to navigate website).

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