Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This item has been making a flutter in my "google news" updates for UFO related news. I don't hold much hope for any new information regarding this, but at the same time I'm glad NASA is being held accountable. I had never heard about the Kecksburg incident before until about a few years ago. It may have even been on the Sci-fi Channel that this Wired news item talks about. Turns out it was an event similar to the famous Roswell incident, but with much quicker military involvement (Guess they learned from the 1947 event) so it involved a quicker coverup. Nutshell... Something LARGE crashed into the rural woods in Kecksburg, PA on Dec 9th 1965.
As with almost ALL UFO stories it has a lot of the same elements... Supposed crash site in a rural area. Eye-witnesses giving mixed accounts of what they saw. Military swooping in and confiscating "evidence" - then as usual - denying any evidence ever existed. Then increased suspicious activity from the Government agencies regarding what they were doing there and what (if anything) may have been found.
Good wikipedia article on it here.
I hope to keep an internet ear open for developing stories on this one.
I'm gonna try a new feature of google here too... I'll try to "embed" a map of kecksburg, PA below. If you don't see anything, it's not you, it's probably Google working out the kinks.

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