Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The ultimate consumerist guide

I'm going to just throw these links up for you to check out if you like. I'm mainly interested in this "ultimate consumerist gudie" that I just found (where else) on I hope I never need to refer to this, but I know I'll find it better having it on a link in my blog than just saving the link in my millions of saved links. I hope you never have to use it either.
Ultimate consumerist guide to fighting back.

This one I have yet to check out myself. I saw a button and clicked it. I'll have to check into it more later. But not too much later as it's only in 4 days.
Blog Action Day. (Oct. 15th)

Here's a neat post for those of us who consider ourselves "frugal" (Me, I think I'm just cheap).
What's your Frugal obsession?
My latest "discovery" is to mix my juice (usually apple cider) into a glass of water. Tastes better than you'd think.

Have a good Wednesday!

PS> Go check out my blogger friend V to see their new pondy pond. And a cool photo of a turtle. Turtles are cool. Not as cool as a cow, but probably second place in my book.

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