Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ed Brown update

So you may or may not remember that a while back I posted a few times about Ed Brown and his wife. Ed and his wife, Elaine, were "convicted" of tax evasion of over 2 million dollars. It's a convoluted story that I won't try to tell here, but I'll try to give you my nutshell understanding of it... The Browns believe that the Income Tax that we all "voluntarily" pay is unconstitutional, and in fact, there is NO LAW that says a person must pay tax on wages earned by their labor. Nowhere in the tax code does it say what "income" means in relation to individuals.
I have to say, I agree with the Browns on this - BUT I'm not willing to go to jail to fight it. On one hand I applaud the browns for their beliefs... BUT... they completely mishandled this whole thing. It eventually got to the point where weapons were involved, alleged booby traps around their property, threats being made against public officials (Such as police and judges), etc... I had intially supported the Browns, but after I learned more about them and their beliefs I backed away. I am very glad though, that the whole situation has ended peacefully and that no one was hurt.
What amazed me even more, is how the press did not cover this story at all. Until now... Now that the Browns have been arrested, I've seen it all over the news papers (via google news).

I guess I needed to post this follow up for myself. Again, I'm just glad it ended all peacefully.

Concord Monitor article that inspired this follow-up post here.

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