Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hang Drum

I stumbled upon the above video when checking out the youtube homepage the other day. I don't know why, but this instrument captivated me. There are several more hang drum videos on youtube (with a bit better audio quality). It's basically like a "steel drum" turned inside out, but still pretty neat.

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Ted said...

Hi - just wanted to share - I play with the Jeff Ball Band - (Native American Flute music).
We have just posted several videos on You Tube for our new album the shape of light - which is built totally around the Hang and Flute. Most folks play their Hangs the way Dante does in the video you have posted - A few of us out there play "Barcelona style" where we use mainly - thumbs.
You can also get great Harmonics by knuckeling the spaces between the note depressions - and get great bendable Udu style bass as well as ring tones from the bottom side of the Hang. I do this stuff in a few of my other videos - though the bass tones kind of get lost in the video compression.
Hopefully, you will enjoy the music- Feel free to spread it around where ever you like. Our album has actually made it through the preliminary selections for this year's Grammy Nominations in the New Age category - so we love all the traffic we can get!
Here is a link for one video :