Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cost of a penny

A bit of useless information for you via neatorama via Somethings of interest...
A penny now cost the US mint 1.23 cents to make and nickle now costs 5.73 cents.
But, what gets me... is the paragraph at the end of the article... Last year the Mint's coin making profit was $730 million! What? the Mint makes a profit on the money that it makes for us citizens? Why does this government agency need to make a profit? What happens to this profit at the end of the year - does it go back into research and developement? Does a big CEO walk away with a nice fat paycheck and a new boat? Wait, don't tell me... If it's like other US government agencies (The post office, the Motor Vehicles office) they are now probably a private controled entity.
What can you do. Time to start saving those zinc pennies and start melting them down for a profit I guess.

PS> regarding the new music post from yesterday... I'm really liking the new single from the REd Hot chili peppers called Dani California. I've not listened to all the songs yet, but it's a good album so far.
And I figured out why I like the new single from the yeah yeah yeah's called "gold lion" - It sounds exactly like one of my favorite 80's band... Siouxsie and the Banshees. If I remember the name of the song I thinkg it was called "Peek-a-boo".

And a quick update on the Lost Experience... A new commercial on Wednesday night's show with a different website address...
I made pretty good progress with this website today at lunch. What boggles my mind is that these "web games" are being sponsored by some big name companies. As a conspiracy nut myself, how cool would that be to be eating at say Taco Bell and seeing a little Hanso logo on the paper wrapper! One of the websites that I ended up investigating was the Chrsyler website. There was a link to download a huge 200+ page brochure for all the new 2007 vehicles. I assume this is real and not part of the lost show. I was most impressed with the Police Dodge Charger Fleet cars... very cool looking. I'll try to post a photo on Monday.

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