Thursday, May 25, 2006

LOST season finale

So did you watch it? I did. What a great episode. Answered a lot of questions and left you with about a 2:1 ration of new questions. New characters, new cliffhangers, just what a finale should do... leave you wanting more so you'll tune in next season.
And, for all us geeks, they dropped another new clue for the internet game. A new "fake commercial" with a new link to
I've already solved this next clue (with the help of one of the fan sites). So now I'm eager to see when or how they will deliver the next clue. I hope we will not have to wait until next season.
I also stayed up WAY past my bedtime to watch the Jimmy Kimmel show to see the interview with one of the "charaters" from the Hanso Foundation. I was a bit disappointed. It was so "hoaky" in that it looked like Jimmy hired some actor to play the role in a room behind the studio. The desk was wobbly, they had two people in lab coats walking past the camera "trying to look busy" but looking rather rediculous. The actor did a good job, but I have to wonder now if this was just a "bit" by Kimmel, or was this really part of the lost game. I don't think there were any new clues offered, so I think it was just a bit.

On another note...
I found this article via boingboing and it's pretty funny. I loved the bit about the James Bond car and Speed Racer! Read this if you've ever rented a car before.,70968-0.html

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