Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sticking it to the man...

Maybe because it's late and I need to seriously get some sleep (1:30 am), or maybe it's because I love to see someone go up against "the man", but this struck me as too funny. I will warn you, that there is a lot of information to go through to "get the joke" in that there are several videos, and some comments, and the lead up to explain what was going on. What I also found amusing was how one gentleman actually stood up to the police and confronted them on their "scare tactics". (I did this once or twice before, and it's not the smartest thing to do - I admit, but I feel good about sticking up for my rights - I'll explain later...)
Anyway, in a nutshell, a group in NYC got together and played a huge prank on the employees of one particular "Best Buy" store. The antics and confusion that followed over a simple "prank" are too funny. It's a bit of a social commentary too about the times we live in, when a simple prank starts to raise fears of "civil rights violations, theft, cults, etc..."
So go to this website and check out the story. Bravo on a well done performance.
(If nothing else go to the video of the Agent Natty - I laughed out loud on this one).

So back to my little brush with "the man"... My buddy and I went on one of those all night fishing trips where you go out on a "party boat" to catch flounder or blues. This was back some years ago when I used to drink more than my occasional beer on new years eve now ;) We attempted to bring a cooler of some beer onto the boat (which is standard on these trips) and were told that due to a recent event that got out of hand, the captian was banning all beer (Except of course the beer THEY sold on the boat). So, only a little upset, my buddy and I went back to the parking lot and downed 2 or 3 beers before we got on board :) This actually turned out to have been a dumb stroke of luck as you'll soon see... So after a night of fishing, we arrived back at the dock around 4 am? (it was late - or early depending on how you look at it). We were quite sober and the only beer we had that night were the 2 or 3 we had about 6 hours ago in the parking lot. We left the dock and started the drive home. There was one bridge off the island, and guess who was there to do a D.U.I. stop on every vehicle leaving the island? Yep... the police. So, I started to get miffed at being detained in long lines to get off the island cause all I wanted to do was go home and go to bed. Finally, it gets to be my turn... I stop at the "check point" where I'm asked for my license, registration, and insurance... I hand it to the officer. As he's looking at it, I had to open my big mouth! I politely ask a simple question... "Is this legal?" Well... my buddy nearly got out of the truck and walked home without me, and was a bit surprised I would ask such a thing. Needless to say the officer was not thrilled with my line of question, so what did he do? He flagged me as one of the possible "drunks". I was not in the least worried about passing the sobriety test, but I was a bit scared now, as I was pulled out the main line, and asked to pull over to the side where another officer proceeded to ask me the usual "have you been drinking" questions. I decided at this point, I better "play the game" and not ask anymore stupid questions. So after being truthful about telling him I had 2-3 beers about 6 hours ago, he still pulled me out (well, asked me to get out) of the truck, and proceed to give me the field sobriety test... Walk a straight line, say the alphabet, the whole nine yards. Well, after it was clear I was not drunk, the officer gave me my ID back and said I was free to go. So, off I went. The next day, I scoured the internet to find out if what in fact happened did violate my rights. Short answer - YES I was detained unlawfully. Long Answer - No, I was given a random DUI check point test which the Supreme Court has ruled as being a "legal" violation of the IV amendment against "unreasonable searches and seizures" in that the "inconveience" of being stopped outways the benefit if they catch someone who in fact is driving under the influence. (look it up if you don't believe me ;)
Anyway, this post turned out to be WAY longer than I intended, but I hope you enjoy the prank, and my little brush with "the man" story :)

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