Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Magic Man

Did you happen to catch David Blaine in his water bubble last night on TV? I did. I saw Blaine's first TV special and was blown away! His street magic (or close-up magic) was like none I'd seen before. In addition to some mind blowing tricks he would throw in a cheasy stunt that usually worked just as well due to his skill in pulling it off. I recall the one where he seemed to pull the head off of a chicken, that freaked out a bunch of girls watching him... then he magically made the chicken head reappear. (It was a simply little rubber chicken head, and he would just fold down the neck of the real chicken). I did some "investigating" into his tricks on the internet and found a bit of a spoiler... (don't read this if you don't want it spoiled either... a lot of his street shots are filmed out of context, and some are simple guesses - ie... he will walk up to a stranger and tell them to think of a number from 1-100. Odds are what, a 100 to 1 that he'll guess it. So they film all 99 guesses until he gets that one person that he happens to guess right).
Well, at some point in David's career he decided to throw these death defying stunts into the mix. Some have flopped (the block of ice was a bit of a joke). But I gotta give him credit for last night's stunt. He spent 7 days in a bubble of water submerged. Then for the finale of the show, he attempted to break the record for the longest period of time to hold your breath (9 minutes!!!) well he didn't make it, but went for 7 minutes 8 seconds instead! Unbelieveable. No trick. So, if you get down to it... what's the point? I don't know either... fame, fourtune, just because he can? regardless, it made for intersting TV for about 7 minutes and 8 seconds.
Personally, I'd like to see him go back to the card tricks and street magic.

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