Wednesday, May 17, 2006

free phone calls!

Yes, with your computer and an internet connection, you can make free phone calls to anywhere in the world - cellphones, landlines, any phone! All you need is a free skype account. Note, this is in beta, so there may be glitches, and it's apparently a trial period only lasting until the end of 2006. So chat it up now while you can. The paranoid person in me wants to know "what's the catch"? I tried the service out yesterday and called my home phone. It worked with no problems and a clear connection. I did have trouble at the beginning though, because I didn't realize (I didn't read the instructions) that you had to enter the country code. So to call someone in the USA you must dial 011+1+area code+phone number... like this 0111555-5555. Incredible technology and the fact that it's free is awesome. I've read that this new skype technology is catching on in the third world contries where phones in general are hard to find and expensive for service. (not sure how a computer and internet service is cheaper than that, but it's what I've heard anyway).
So check it out!

PS> I suppose the paranoid person in me should list a disclaimer... I don't know what the catch is - if any. I should also mention that Skype used to be made by a former file sharing company, who has since been bought out by ebay.

PS2> In order for the best experience, your computer needs a microphone, and I highly recommend a pair of ear phones.

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