Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Music!

I've been in a bit of a musical "rut" lately. That's not a complaint really, because I still have been enjoying the white stripes, citizen cope, and imogen heap... but it's been some time since I've heard a decent song on the radio that has inspired me to purchase on itunes. Well, I just found some! And, I splurged and bought the entire album (funny, what do you call it now when you buy the complete "album" off the web, it's not a vinyl record album anymore, it's not a CD...?)
Anyway, here's the three I just purchased...

The Red Hot Chili Peppers new double album - Stadium Arcadium

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show me your bones

The Raconteurs - (yes, Jack White from the White Stripes is in this group - I don't recognize the other names, but I assume they are also from other bands.) I don't like all of Jack's stuff, but I do admire him because he always seems to be working on something new.

Also related to music... Napster is back to offering free music! well, sort of... Lets just say there are quite a few strings attached...
1) You need a PC (no macs!)
2) you can "stream" and listen to the music only 5 times, then you must purchase it
3) your purchased music will only play on that computer (unless you rip a cd)
4) It will not play on an ipod.
5) you must sign over your first born
But other than all that, you can listen to a song for free! (kinda like this thing on my desk called a "radio" that doesn't have any strings attached - just a plug).

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