Tuesday, May 30, 2006

xmen and a day off

It's Tueday morning. I should be getting ready for work (well probably about an hour ago really) but I'm trying to stretch my vacation as long as possible.
I got to see the x-men 3 movie this weekend. I won't go into details as it really was just a "bubble-gum" movie. A typical hollywood summer movie. But, that being said, I was entertained for about 2 hours. I kept trying to remind myself that this was a movie based on a comic book so try not to be too judgemental. The effects were very well done. There were some really cheesy "love" scenes that made it feel like a bad soap opera. But, I liked looking at the lights on screen. Also, we tried out a new movie theatre. The one we would usually go to (when our favorite movie theatre isn't playing the particular movie we want to see that week) has really gone down hill. What kills it is their prices for drinks and popcorn. $3.30 for a bottle of water. and $4+ for popcorn. It cost almost $9 for a medium popcorn and a medium soda. Rediculous. So, we'll probably head to this new theatre now. Bonus points for being closer to home, and for self-serve "add-your-own-butter"! Downside... seats are made for people no taller than 4'-6" and weigh 75lbs. Felt like airplane seats. oh well.

On other fronts, My weekend was mostly spent trying to fix thngs. We came out of the late movie (1am) and I found my truck wouldn't start. Dead battery! Why can't they make a warning light for when your battery is starting to go!? But a nice guy came up to us and said "is it a stick?" I said yes. He said why don't we just push start it? - My friend and I both kicked ourselves for not thinking of this. It's probably been about 20 years since I push started a vehicle. One other thing the guy said was that it was easier to push start it in reverse! I had never heard of that before, but he was right. Lower gear ratio. So, I went up with my friend to get a new battery (at around $100). And HOPE that it was just a dead battery and not something like a bad alternator. I guess time will tell.
Then we drove around a couple of places for my friend to find a new stove. His stove blew out friday night. Ugh. Then yesterday (since I have the curse of having a "pick-up" ;) I helped him out again by picking up his new stove from the store and dropping it off at his place. Really wasn't a big deal and I was glad to help :) Especially since he helpped me out too by taking me up to get the new battery.
So a weekend of broken things and new things. Now... I'm really late for work (again).
gotta run.

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