Wednesday, May 03, 2006

immigration problem solved?

I was just sitting here watching the Daily show, when Jon Stewart announced something that I thought was another one of his jokes... That Mexico has just legalized drugs! Well, very small amounts, and for personal use only (where do you buy them from then?). BUT... maybe Jon spoke too soon. I just googled this to try an confirm it with a real news source, and found that the President of Mexico has refused to sign the bill - which apparently has surprised a lot of people. Well, if the bill does pass, this will probably solve the immigration problem... The mexican's will be coming to the USA to do hard work, and the American's will be going to Mexico to be lazy and sit around and get high all day. (This is sarcasm by the way, in case you couldn't tell).
News item from Reuters

In other political news...
The NYT is reporting that the Bush Administration has just released a report that says there actually could be something to all this global warming mumbo jumbo.
Read more here (you may have to register with the NYT)

One more...
You should go to to check out the new apple commercials... Staring John Hodgkins (sp?) and they are pretty funny :)

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