Tuesday, May 23, 2006

IRS Mess done!

I had a letter from the IRS arrive yesterday that was good news! I bet not many people can say that can they :) If you don't recall my previous posts, I few months ago around the beginning of April, I recieved a letter from the IRS that claimed I owed them an ungodly amount of money! (over $20,000!!!) After picking myself up off the floor and reading the letter, I realized why they were claiming I owed this much. They basically doubled my income from 2004, and then added on thousands of dollars as "penalty and interest". It was such an obvious mistake that it worried me that something like this could happen. As much as everyone I talked to assured me this would not be a big deal, I was still worried. After going to the internet to see of others had gone through something similar to me, I found a bunch of horror stories that did nothing to help calm my nerves. But, I thought, 'it's a mistake. I'm honest', so if I just persevere I should be able to see this through. Luckily I had (have) an accountant for the tax year of 2004, who agreed to help me write my response letter to the IRS. I am very thankful for that letter. It was worded professionally - whereas my letter probably would have sounded something like:
IRS: You owe us a ton of money.
Me: Nuh-uh
I also had a boss that was nice enough to agree to write a letter that supported my initial tax forms or income claim. I did read on the internet that ALL correspondence should be signed and notorized, so I also asked my boss to do this as well. She agreed with no problem.
So, I think that this combination of things led to a quick (it doesn't seem quick as it's been about 2 months) solution. I also think that since I was organized with my papers, and was efficient with my response, that I was able to end this with basically one letter (that said "nuh-uh").
So that is a LOAD off my mind! In the case that someone out there has done an internet search because they have similar problems, let this be the one story that offers encouragement, and tells you that things do sometimes work out the way they are supposed to. The mistake was corrected, and all is well.

Now, onto real important news!
I while back when google introduced the ability to set up a personal search term to search all of the worlds news outlets for certain keywords. I of course created a search for "UFO" because I was curious how many ufo's are spotted in the world (and made it onto a newspaper). Turns out... not that many. The biggest thing that comes up in my search results are computer games that have UFO's in them. But another item that pops up almost monthly, and had brought me and my friend a great deal of entertainment, is from a "newspaper" or web news outlet called "India Daily". There is a person (no byline) who writes these incredibly detailed reports of these outlandish UFO technology reports. (example). BUT... the other day there appears to be a real UFO sighting in South Africa. A UFO crashed in the ocean while a Rugby match was happening - ie: lots of witnesses of the same event. This current newspaper report is already starting to claim things like "maybe it was a tornado". But other eye-witnesses claim they saw a fireball crash into the water - seems hard to mistake that for a tornado.
I'll keep my eye on this one.

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cyen said...

I'm commenting on my own blog to say that if anyone does find this post looking for comfort because they are in a bind with the IRS, please take the UFO comment with a grain of salt :)
I'm also testing the comments to say that I've turned off the moderation as a test to see if I've gotten rid of some of the spammers. If they come back, I'll turn my moderation back on.