Tuesday, May 02, 2006

An interesting blog...

I don't think I've talked about this before, but some time ago, I stumbled upon a link to this man's blog. It's an interesting read, and he's a good writer (though he likes to use the word "ire" a lot ;). What makes this blog of interest more than the next blog is that he is homeless. He blog's from a public library that has internet access. Check it out here (great title for a blog too) View From the Sidewalk.

On an unrelated note:
I happenned to catch a new PBS series last night that was pretty good. It's called "Texas Ranch Hands". In a nutshell it's a reality show, but there is a mix of education in there. I have seen other PBS shows like this and they are always pretty good. My favorite was the colonial house and the stone age recreations. They gather a bunch of people, from various walks of life, then put them in this situtation that usually means a BIG change to their lifestyle. It's funny to watch their fun and enthusiasm get sucked out of them when they realize there is hard work to maintain a "comfortable" lifestyle. Check out the website on PBS.org here...

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