Friday, May 05, 2006


It's Friday! This week went fast for me - a good thing I suppose. Last night in my watercolor class it was frustrating as usual. I picked another difficult object (an avacado), and by the end of the class was completely frustrated. I ended up giving it another shot in the remaining 10 minutes of class and it turned out much better. I then realized that alot of my 'end-of-class' attempts usually turn out better than the ones I spend a full two hours on. I don't know if it's because I spend two hours learning how NOT to do it, or if I become faster or looser knowing that I only have 10 minutes left? Regardless I'll have to look into this more. On a sad note, it was the second to last class. I had hoped to have signed up for some summer courses, but they only offer tuition based classes for the 7 weeks of summer. (at $150 a pop - a bit too steep for me!). So, I'll have to use some self discipline to attempt some painting on my own.
I also have a large desire to learn how to weld! I think this was sparked from the maker faire, and from seeing other workshops on the web (usually in the San Francisco area) to learn how to weld. I'm going to do some searching in my area to see if I can't find something close to home.
And, I have Sunday to look forward to... My family and I will be heading to the art museum to look at an Andrew Wyeth exhibit. Really looking forward to this.
Well, I suppose I'll wrap things up for the week.
Have a Great weekend!

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