Friday, May 12, 2006

LOST the experience

I mentioned in my previous post that I've had a cold all week... (I 've finally made the turn and am feeling a little better today). On Wed night, I stayed up to watch one of my favorite shows... LOST. As the show was progressing (and it was a good show this week), I was zoning out during the commercials, then all of a sudden one of the commercials caught my attention. It was towards the end, and mixed in between the other commercials, but if you were not paying attention you could have missed it. It was for a "fake" company that is now part of an online "alternate reality" game that involves LOST. I don't know where this game will take the typical viewer, and I hope it's not just a marketing ploy as there are sponsers involved too (Sprite?, Verizon, Anyway, if you taped the episode, you can watch again for the commercial and the website they mentioned. If you don't want to sit through that simply start here...
(You will need to update your FLASH player if you don't have the latest version - the website will tell you.)
(if you want the first hint I'll tell you here... If you don't want any hints, stop reading now!)


still here?
ok, After the splash screen loads, go ahead and read some of the text and take your time. At some point, you'll here "static" look up at the clock... it says "OB:EY" click on that and you'll be taken to another website. ( You'll see some "squares" floating then one at the top will highlight... click on this 4 times. next one... click on this 8 times...
ok, that's enough hints! Go play it yourself. If you get stuck (I did) go to this website and it will tell you all of whats going on (it also spoils the fun of you finding out for yourself)

I got stuck because I think they removed a link from the main hanso website. There was supposed to be a "contact" link there, that was going to show me a phone number to call. I had to go the thelostexperince to find this phone number. I wonder if "they" are deliberately changing the website and the hints as time goes on?

Still, I give a TV show a lot of credit for escaping the little box and making it onto the internet.
Kudo's to LOST.

-Alvar Hanso

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