Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the hanso foundation

A quick post here...
I CURSE the creators of LOST (the tv show), and whoever came up with this online "game"! I have wasted so many hours over the past few days digging deeper and deeper into this "experience". Just today, I found a whole new set of clues and websites all connected to this game. It is blowing my mind that someone went to this much effort and why. Is it all just a marketing ploy to sell a book? Is it ever going to end? Is it just meant to get us die-hard LOST fans through the summer season until the next season of LOST airs? Ugh.
I've got about 50 webpages of bookmarks to now weed through looking for more clues.
I have to say though, as frustrating as it is, I'm still having fun. thanks LOST.
I will also admit that many of these clues are beyond me, so I have been depending on a few fan websites that are tracking the game. Things like anagrams, binary code, ascii translations, web code, etc... BUT sometimes I do figure out a clue on my own and it's very satisfying :)
I'm off tonight (before the season finale) to buy the book at my local bookstore.
Good luck if you choose to delve into this mystery.
If you do, let me know in the comments and maybe we can share clues.
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