Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Decider says, "you do it"

Hmm, a lot of what this article talks about is just barely going over my head, but even a layman like myself can sense something a little "fishy" here.
As I see it in a nutshell... The Decider had a "super power" as the President to allow some companies to not report what was on their books if it seemed to give away too many secrets regarding "national security".

But in this new memo titled (get this):
Assignment of Function Relating to Granting of Authority for Issuance of Certain Directives: Memorandum for the Director of National Intelligence.

He basically gave this "power" to John Negroponte the Director of National Intelligence. The Decider transferred this power without explanation.

Read the full article here (maybe it makes more sense than my nutshell version).

Maybe he just wanted more time to go fishin for 7lb perch?

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