Thursday, September 06, 2007


Score one for the people! I just heard on NPR (while it was in the background, so I may get the details wrong)... A Judge has just ruled against some of the features in "the patriot act". The reason? Does not allow for "checks and balances" provided by the constitution. Huh... imagine that... Bush admin not following the constitution. NPR later went on to point out that this was a challenge brought to the courts by the ACLU. Woot! I joined the ACLU about a year ago. I am not passionate enough (or rich enough) to make monthly donations (like they ask), but for a one time fee to join of around $20 or 25, I feel like I was part of the group now that helped US get some of our rights back. I encourage you to join the ACLU - if for no other reason that it would piss-off Bill O'reilly :)
This story is only about 40 minutes old, so not many press or links I can point to. I did find this little snippet though on AHN.

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