Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How does she sound?

To be fair, I posted a video link the other day about how our "commander in chief" was unable to answer a question posed to him by a young college woman. My frustration in his inability to answer was about a 9.5. So today, I discovered this video online with Nancy Pelosi. I think my frustration to her responses is now at about 9.9! Not so much for her constantly repeating the same soundbite over and over (redeployment), but more for here failure to answer any of Wolf's questions directly. Wolf even called her on it (good job wolf), to say "all you can do now is throw your hands up?" - and Nancy's response is "Of course not! We're going to hold him accountable..."
What!? How!? You mean the way you've held him accountable so far?
It's interviews like this that make me feel disgusted with the entire political affair, and just want to give up. We the masses will never have a say in the political arena.

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