Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thou Shalt live like...

Wow, this post popped up and caught my attention.
I remember hearing this guy interviewed on the radio once on his feat of reading the entire set of encyclopedias! He is both really smart, funny, and probably a bit crazy. So his latest adventure? He chose to live according to "ALL" the laws in the Bible. I put the "All" in quotes because he apparently had a hard time with his wife over the "head of the household" rules. That strikes me kinda funny... I'm all for women's rights and all, but there is something funny about this... A man comes home from the office with this new idea to live according to the Word of GOD, and tells his wife about who proceeds to say "Not in MY house your not!" :)
What's even more interesting to me is that the guy is a self proclaimed agnostic too.
I read the comments over on Kevin Kelly's blog - his insights are very interesting also. Kevin is a really neat person too. I have several of his websites bookmarked and his name always pops up where I least expect it. I read his "Cool tools" almost daily (though it amazes me he has so much STUFF that he can post on an almost daily basis!).
So go to Kevin's blog post first, then if you are still interested go to the newsweek article here, then if your STILL intersted, go buy A. J. Jacob's book.

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