Wednesday, September 05, 2007

News headlines...

Just a few random thoughts on todays headlines showing up on the Google news page...

Mattel has announced EVEN MORE recalls of some 800,000 toys that have Lead based paint!
You know, with all the hoopla over these recalls, I've yet to hear anyone question WHY is lead still being used in paint today?! I do hold Mattel accountable, but why have we not heard the name(s) of the paint companies supplying Mattel with this toxic paint!?

Yahoo just bought "bell lithium" for 300 MILLION - get this - in CASH! Apparently they are an advertising agency. Cash? Why is a deal like this done with cash? I wouldn't even buy my pick-up truck using cash. Do they make "million-dollar bills"? otherwise, thats a wheel-barrel load of cash to cart around!

CBS - Kid Nation... the show has not even aired yet and already its under scrutiny. Some are claiming all sorts of "fouls" from "child-labor" practices to child-endangerment. Rats... I was kinda looking forward to this reality show. I think it's a great sociological experiment.

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