Sunday, September 30, 2007

Into the wild

I just got back from the movies tonight.
My friend and I saw "Into the Wild".
Another gamble that paid off.
I knew very little about the movie. I saw the trailer once or twice in the "coming attractions" and made a mental note of it that I would like to see it. Long story in a nutshell... it's about a "kid" (I think they said he was around 23) who after graduation college (with high marks) decides to throw away the "normal" life and go on the road. He hitchikes across America meeting interesting people and doing interesting things. The guy was extreme in his beliefs... For example, he gets stranded in his car, so what does he do? He takes all the cash in his pocket, and burns it, then just starts walking.
For some reason, I'm really drawn to these stories of people going on the road. Leaving everything behind just to see whats out there.
This movie was a tad bit long for me, but at the same time it was really powerful. It was a real story too, which I like in a movie. Sean Penn was the director AND he wrote the screenpplay! Penn is a talented dude :)
The actor, who I don't recall ever seeing before (I have seen him before because I looked up his credits on imdb, I just don't recall him). Emile Hirsch was amazing! Someone mentioned an Oscar on imdb, and I think I'd have to agree.
It's a movie thats not all "fun and games", but something with substance behind it.
AND... it's all based on a true story!
I urge you to check it out. In the theater if possible due to some of the amazing cinematgraphy in it! There was one shot of some wispy type weeds being backlit from the sun that was incedible!
I have ONE large complaint though...
One small scene in the movie, they do a couple of quick edits, and the main character, looks right into the camera with a reaction. This was horrible for me, because it reminded me I was watching a movie. I really wish Sean had cut that one small clip. Very small and nit picky, I know :)
imdb site here.
official website here.

oh and FYI - Emile will probably be a BIG name soon. He's playing the lead character of "Speed" in the upcoming movie "Speed Racer"!

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