Friday, September 14, 2007

creepy and cool...

This story was on my yahoo news this morning. It's an interesting article (if you like toys and/or robots). I think the photo and story actually is a little creepy though. The idea of a "thing" becoming a friend or part of the family is disturbing. Then again, I probably relate to my computer here more than my friends or family. It's my communication with the world, my entertainment, my source of videos, music, etc... But still, it's just a thing.
I almost wish that these robotocists didn't focus so much on making a humanoid robot. I feel like robots could be SO MUCH COOLER than just something trying to simulate a person. It seems all robotics concentrate on are humanoid figures, faces, or bugs, or animals. Why hasn't anyone made a robotic pineapple that speaks?
Maybe that's why I'm not a robotocist :)
Read the article here on yahoo.

Oh real quick...
When I signed onto blogger tonight to post this, they are introducing a new website that's pretty cool. Basically its a small web app that shows you every photo that is being uploaded to It's a sort of photographic glimpse as to what is going on in the minds of the blog-o-sphere. I watched it for some time, and was mesmerized.
I'm also amazed at how fast they can upload and deliver these images to the web.

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